Aurora Barnes

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Aurora’s 2015 debut single,
“Mighty Be Our Powers”
is a poetic, love song, sure to uplift, inspire and empower.

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Aurora Barnes LIVE at Metropolitan Room in NYC!! March 30th!


AURORA BARNES – “A Musical Workshop” Behind The Scenes Trailer

This past September, I went into the studio with friends to record new music. Inspired by a conversation with Harry Belafonte, I dubbed this process, “A Musical Workshop.” I can’t wait to show you what we came up with.

Major thank you to Keith White, Jordan Riggs, Ari Raskin, Kappa Tanabe, Juliette Jones, Junni B, Shariq Tucker, Chris Grayson, Shaneek Steele and the folks at Chung King Studios for making this, the most fun!

Melodie Nicholson’s role, unfortunately, did not get filmed during this process BUT, her contribution to this new music is unparalleled.

Many thanks!

I can’t wait for you guys to hear more!!

Check out: AURORA BARNES – “A Musical Workshop” Behind The Scenes Trailer



Aurora Releases NEW Song “Sweet Justice”

Aurora Barnes – Guest Contributor for Huffington Post

Check out Aurora Barnes OpEd contributions to Huffington Post!

GULD Juvenile Justice Conference – featuring Aurora Barnes & GirlsTalk/GuysTalk!

This is the single largest juvenile justice convening of experts, artists, advocates, direct service providers, government officials, foundations, youth & families, and formerly incarcerated persons ever! Aurora is proud to be a part of the movement to end child incarceration! 10614099_511851638959322_1696316146797990164_n


I had a magical time this last week, celebrating the lives of Pete & Toshi Seeger, and also paying tribute to one of my mentors, Mr. Harry Belafonte.  From Lincoln Center, to Summerstage in Central Park, to El Taller on the upper west side, it was a week full of joyous activity, amazing music, incredible musicians and lots of love. 10551055_10101146640225672_7155379458169247410_n








“Meet Me” Video now Available

Aurora’s new video “Meet me” is now available on YouTube.  Check it out!


“Meet Me” single and “Fair Game” EP now available!

Today you can buy Aurora’s first single “Meet me” on iTunes and also add her E.P. “Fair Game” to your collection by clicking HERE.